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Wilkes Barre, PA 570-822-1011
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  • Do you offer discounted room rates for wedding guests?

    A: Yes, our Wilkes Barre hotel offers convenient room blocks and special discounted rates for wedding guests. We will leave no stone unturned in ensuring an extraordinary stay experience for guests attending your wedding.
  • Are other events scheduled on the same day?

    A: You can count on our undivided attention when you plan your wedding at Holiday Inn Wilkes Barre. We make sure that only one wedding is scheduled at a time, so you can rest assured that nothing will distract our dedicated staff from catering to your every need on your big day.
  • Does the hotel offer wedding catering?

    A: Allow us to add a flavorful touch to your special day. With a talented culinary team and two restaurants, including Wildflowers Restaurant and New York Bistro, we offer full-service catering and custom menus tailored to complement the theme of your wedding ceremony or reception.
  • How many guests can I invite to my wedding?

    A: Spread across 4,000 square feet, our sprawling grand ballroom can accommodate up to 280 guests. Let the stylish décor of our wedding venue and sweeping views of the mountain and valley create the ideal backdrop as you walk down the aisle.
  • Do you have wedding planning services?

    A: Yes, we have highly experienced wedding planners who will work closely with you to bring the vision of your dream wedding to life. Allow us to take care of all the details and enjoy the resort-style experiences that our Wilkes Barre hotel has to offer.
  • How far is your hotel from the airport?

    A: Located in the heart of Wilkes Barre, our hotel is just 8.4 miles from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, providing easy access for guests flying down to this picturesque part of Northeastern Pennsylvania to attend your wedding.
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